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P-Plater Caught 62km Over Speed Limit While On Phone

A P-Plater in Sydney has had his license suspended after he was caught driving more than 62km/h over the speed limit while watching videos on his mobile phone.

Police pulled over the 18-year-old driver in Catherine Field, Sydney at around 10:40pm on Wednesday night.

Officers said that the teenager was travelling along Camden Valley Way at an alleged speed of 142km/h in a Mitsubishi Lancer.

The speed limit in the area was just 80km/h.

Police have also said that they found his mobile phone in the centre console of the car playing YouTube videos. The man’s license was suspended for six months on the spot by officers.

“This is very dangerous a young man speeding, not keeping his eyes on the road, he was also watching his phone, it would appear that he was watching music videos,” said Phil Brooks, Traffic and Highway Patrol Command Inspector.

Along with losing his license, the driver has been fined $2435 for driving more than 45km/h over the speed limit and has lost six demerit points.

The teen was also charged with using a mobile phone while driving, carrying a penalty of $337 fine and five demerit points.


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