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Shoppers Left To Run As Man Goes On Rampage With A Hammer

A shopping centre was thrown into lockdown on Thursday after a crazed man with two hammers began attacking innocent bystanders.

Shoppers were left fleeing the aisles of the Big W store in Melbourne’s Queen Victoria building as the hammer-wielding man yelled abuse and threatened to kill shoppers in the busy store.

The man injured two people during the attack, include a 43-year-old Chinese national man, who was taken to hospital with head injuries.

It is reported the man had escaped or was released from a Melbourne psychiatric ward just hours before the incident.

One witness told Nine News that the attacker was waving hammers and threatening to kill people ‘’I got pretty scared because I saw people running and screaming’’

'I think they were looking for their kids - and I came out and this man was holding hammers - two hammers on each hand.

'He started assaulting this lady, saying, ''What are you looking at? I'll come kill you.''' 

Security guards finally pounced on the man and waited for police to arrive.

A police spokesperson said the man was arrested and remains in custody where he is assisting police with their enquiries.

He has not been charged.  

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