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Shocking Video Shows Teen Girls Telling Peer To Kill Herself

A video of two girls bullying a classmate and encouraging her to kill herself has surfaced on social media. 

The appalling vision shows two girls shouting at the camera: "Kill yourself before I f**king kill you because you are a f**king s*** and I f**king hate you."

They are reportedly shouting at a teenage classmate.

"F**king roll another f**king durry in the f**king corner to avoid your f**king problems, 'cause everyone f**king hates you and everyone f**king wants to kill you, 'cause your a little f**king slut," the girl yells, as another girl is overheard laughing off camera. The second girl then appears on screen, threatening to "stomp" on the girl. 

Originally posted to Snapchat, a friend of the recipient's family uploaded the vision to Facebook. 

"Friends and family, a good mate's daughter had these lovely girls send her this," he reportedly posted. 

"What would u do? Disgraceful. Would u like ur child doing this or hanging out with these charming girls? This needs to come out and these people need to be exposed."

However, the father of one of the 'bullies' claims it was filmed as a joke, and was never meant to be taken seriously. 

"It was just kids mucking around… girls egging each other on and being stupid,' he told the Gold Coast Bulletin

"It was never meant to go to the poor girl that it was about. It was really bad judgement on my daughter's part and she's beside herself with remorse.

"This is just not in her nature. It's not who she is. She's actually a very sweet girl and this is just totally out of character," he continued. 

His daughter has since disabled her social media accounts and may face disciplinary action when she returns to school today. 

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