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Rogue Qld Cop Caught Pulling Gun On Speeding Driver

Footage of a Queensland police officer pulling his gun on a speeding motorist has been released as he fights to have his pay reinstated.

Senior Constable Stephen Flanagan has been filmed chasing a ute on the Landsborough Highway outside Longreach.

The now-suspended policeman is shown beeping his horn while his siren remains off as he tries to pull over the ute for driving at 126 kilometres per hour in a 110kph zone.

Dashcam footage shows him cursing “F****** pull over now ****” as he chases the vehicle.

When the driver pulls over Flanagan then yells “Get out of your f****** car right now” while turning his gun on the driver.

He then handcuffs the driver who he believes has stolen the car. However after carrying out a registration check which shows otherwise, he releases the man.

After the couple filed a complaint, Flanagan was suspended without pay.

It’s not the first time the policeman has been caught on camera displaying extreme behaviour.

A 2013 video shows him abusing a Gold Coast driver on the M1.

In the footage he’s shown throwing the driver’s keys on the ground and cursing.

At the time he was stood down for failing to treat a driver with appropriate dignity and respect.


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