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Red Belly Black Snake Found In Little Girl’s Cot

If there was ever a reason not to want to live in the beautiful country that is Australia it would definitely be to do with enormous amount of snakes that we have and their ability to make their way into the most terrifying places.

Take for example this one red belly black snake that was found in a young girl’s cot in a home in Queensland yesterday underneath a pile of stuffed toys.

Professional snake handler Andrew Smedley was called in to remove the slithering reptile from underneath the mountain of plush animals from a property in Peak Crossing near Ipswitch yesterday afternoon.

“(The dad’s) noticed it (the snake) up on the window sill and its dropped down into the toy area,” said Mr Smedley. “I think he moved a couple of toys out of there and then stopped.”

When Mr Smedley arrived at the home the breed of snake had not yet been determined. Nevertheless, the snake catcher began carefully sifting through the toys with his bare hands to locate the snake.

“I wasn’t sure where it was. When you go into those situations you have to keep an open mind. They can move around and…he found a bit of cover under the toys,” said Mr Smedley.

“He (the dad) did say it was black. But when it comes to snakes you never go off colour. I didn’t know what it was going to be and neither did he.”

Thankfully the little girl was not home at the time but Mr Smedley says that it’s unlikely that anything sinister would have happened as red bellies are generally more scared of us than we are of them.

“He (the snake) was basically just scared. Red bellies in general are fairly shy and docile.”

That may be the case but we can say with absolute certainly that we still don’t want to come anywhere near a snake, even if it is a harmless red belly…Just thinking about one of these getting into our bed like this poor girl give us tingles!

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