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Police Warning To ALL Car Owners After HORRIBLE Theft

It is being advised that Melbournians take care when leaving their cars parked for long periods of time.

It comes after a woman who left her car after it had run out of petrol has returned to find her car had been smashed into a pole and her belongings stolen.

Stephanie McNeil was in the middle of moving from Parkdale to her new home in Kilsyth when her car came to a sudden stop on Warren Road, Mordialloc.

Ms McNeil and her mum, who was driving, thought the car had run out of petrol as the fuel gauge was faulty.

They moved the vehicle to the side of the road and secured it before calling a family member to pick them up.

However, when they came back to collect the vehicle, it was totally wrecked, hit from behind and slammed into a telephone pole.


The crash and subsequent thefts are believed to have occurred in the early hours Monday August 8th.

Glass and metal were strewn across the road and the car was torn apart.

Police from the Kingston Crime Investigation Unit are following up on the incident.

Anyone with information is being urged to contact Kingston CIU on 9556 6111.

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