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Animals Keep Breaking Out Of This Aussie Zoo

Four animals at Perth Zoo have escaped from enclosures since two orangutans were found outside theirs.

Freedom of Information details, obtained by The West Australian, show that a binturong, a red panda and a ghost bat have pulled a Harry Houdini.

In 2017, an orangutan mother and her young were found on the boardwalk outside their enclosure. It’s understood that the young one had either fallen or dropped from a rope into a garden outside their enclosure and its mother had dropped from a nesting platform to retrieve it.

The pair were free for just over 20 minutes before they climbed back into their enclosure.

Since then, there have been four escapes.

December 2017

A baby binturong escaped. Not just once, but twice in four days. A hole was found in some wire mesh and another in the roof capping of the enclosure. Repairs and inspection was completed.


Nope, we didn't know what a binturong was either.

June 2018

A red panda was found in a tree about 90 minutes after it escaped from its enclosure.

September 2018

A ghost bat got out through the nocturnal house’s airlock. It was returned 50 minutes later.

At least we now know what the hell a binturong is.

The West


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