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Paul Hogan Gives His 2 Cents On The Same Sex Marriage Debate

Speaking at the Tour de Cure Snow Ball on Saturday night at The Star, Sydney, Paul Hogan said it was "stupid" that same-sex marriage is still not yet legally recognised in Australia.

"There is an opinion that Australians are more tolerant and more open, but you don't have gay marriage here yet, do you? Why not? Isn't that stupid?"

"If gay people want to get married, we shouldn't vote on it,"

"Just let them get married, for Christ's sake."

"I don't get it, 'homophobia', that means a fear, I am not frightened of gay people, I like them, I don't want to marry one, but I certainly don't think it's up to me on whether they should get married or not, that's up to them.

"Australians need to learn to mind their own business."


Hoges has given same sex marriage the thumbs up

The 77 year old also gave his thoughts on US President Donald Trump.

"Many people have asked me, 'What is it like living in the US during the reign of Donald Trump?' "

"Well, strangely enough, it's not only entertaining but I, and most Australians, find it comforting because Donald, to me, is a mixture of two very well-known Australians. The close personal friend of Barry Humphries, you know the one I mean, Sir Les Patterson, and a close personal friend of mine, extraordinary stuntman Leo Wanker [The Paul Hogan Show]."



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