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Parts Of Victoria Could See ANOTHER 100mm Of Rainfall

Since a whopping 150mm of rain fell throughout Victoria within the space of 24 hours over the weekend, residents have been told that the worst of the inundation is over in most areas of the State.

However, there are also reports this morning that some areas in eastern Victoria could see another massive downpour this week, making the threat of floods far from over.

9NEWS is reporting that while some areas of Victoria will start to dry up, parts of East Gippsland could see another 100mm of rain mid-week.

The Bureau of Meteorology forecast is also saying that the area can expect a high chance of heavy rainfall on Tuesday and Wednesday and moderate showers on Thursday.


Residents throughout Gippsland are being told to remain on high alert and to keep up to date with warnings about nearby rivers and the possibility of floods.

Other parts of Victoria including Melbourne, Geelong, Wangaratta, Wodonga, Traralgon and Bairnsdale could see another 20-50mm of rainfall in the coming days.

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