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Parliament May Vote On Same-Sex Marriage In Weeks

Federal Parliament may vote on legalizing same-sex marriage within weeks, but the issue may cause major headaches for PM Malcolm Turnbull.

It's believed some Coalition MPs think the deadlock on same-sex marriage is overshadowing the rest of the Government's agenda, and are discussing plans to finally deal with the issue - arguing that putting the issue to bed will help the Government move on to other policies.

Federal Liberal MP Trevor Evans, who is gay, told the ABC that a vote in Parliament would be the quickest way to deal with the issue once and for all.

Mr Evans said he will raise the issue when the Coalition party room meets next week.

However, he is expecting a strong response from Coalition figures who oppose same-sex marriage or believe the Government should have a plebiscite.

The bill for a plebiscite was defeated in the Senate last year and the Government hasn't tried to reintroduce it.

Mr Evans hasn't ruled out crossing the floor to force a parliamentary vote on a private members bill being prepared by Liberal Dean Smith.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said on Monday:

"In our party, backbenchers have always had the right to cross the floor,"

"It's always been a fundamental principle in the Liberal Party and indeed the National Party. So it's a very different political culture to the very authoritarian and centrally controlled culture of the Labor Party.


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