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Parents Accused Of Child Abuse Following Cruel Prank On Son

The parents of five young children in the US are under fire after a cruel prank on their son received a barrage of backlash after going viral.   

Mike and Heather Martin, who run the Youtube channel Daddyofive’s Prank Videos, were slammed this week after a prank involving their son Cody backfired.

Many argued the video, entitled ‘Invisible Ink Prank’ which shows the parents make their son believe he’s in trouble for spilling ink on his bedroom carpet, is child abuse.  

The Youtube channel has tens of thousands of followers and the video in question was viewed more than 340,000, but has since been removed by Youtube for breaching its bullying and harassment policy.  

The video begins with mum Heather explaining she’s got a prank for her son Cody as she dangles a bottle of invisible ink in the view of the camera.

“I’m going to squirt it all over his carpet and start flipping out,” she revealed before telling camera he got in trouble previously for spilling ink.

“I’m going to make him think he did it again, and he’s going to flip out because he really didn’t do it,” she continued.

A few seconds later Heather is heard unleashing an a tirade of abuse at her son, telling him to get his “f**king ass up here.” Dad Mike demands to know what he did as he continues to film. Confused the little boy runs up the stairs yelling he didn’t do it.

More yelling and swearing by the parents ensues as the boy breaks down in tears. The video continues for another cringeworthy six minutes before they reveal the prank to their mortified son.

The parents have since admitted the family is receiving counselling and took to their Youtube channel to apologise after removing all of the videos.

Courtesy: Youtube

“Right now we are under attack,” Martin told his viewers after the couple were accused of “mental torture” towards their five kids.

“This has been the absolute worst week of our life and we realise that we have made some terrible parenting decisions and we just want to make things right.”

The parents admitted after some soul-searching they realised they crossed the line. She went on to claim the children had blamed themselves for the backlash, but said they took ultimate responsibility. 


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