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Our Women Cricket Stars Fight For The Same Conditions As Men

Despite huge TV ratings and an ever increasing profile, a revealing article on has uncovered that female Aussie cricketers endure not just lower pay, but also much tougher travel and work conditions compared to their male counterparts.

As a result, our professional sportswomen have been forced to fight for gender equality under a new collective players’ agreement currently being negotiated with Cricket Australia (CA).

The Australian Cricketers Association, who represent 300 players – including 120 women - and CA are currently working on a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and a major bone of contention is the huge gap between what's on offer for male and female professionals.


This will be the first time females have been represented by the ACA, and the first time their rights have been championed as a group, something male players have benefited from for decades.

It's come to light that some professional female players pay not only for their own domestic travel, accommodation and meals, they also don't always have medical professionals at one-day games while representing their state sides, however doctors are always required at men’s games; and women players are also denied parental leave.

Then there’s the issue of pay: The minimum wage for females is $40,000 a year for national players, $11,000 for state level and $7000 for Women’s Big Bash League players.

Compare that to the men where the minimum contract is $270,000, while at a state level, the men's minimum wage is $60,000.


In a show of support for their female counterparts, Australian captain Steve Smith and vice-captain David Warner, have now released a joint statement saying:

"The players and Cricket Australia have enjoyed a productive and successful relationship,"

"This is the type of relationship that the current players, both men and women, want to have over the term of the next MOU and beyond. It's about a better deal for women cricketers, more investment in grassroots, giving the players a greater say in the game and preserving the revenue sharing model which has served the game so well.”

What our female cricketers are negotiating:

* Women do not have the benefit of a collective agreement - they and their revenues are currently excluded from the current Memorandum of Understanding.

* Women can only sign one-year contracts, while men can sign multi-year deals.

* Women have to ‘warrant’ that they are not, to the best of their knowledge, pregnant when they sign their Australian contracts.

* Women have to agree to behave in a ‘courteous’ and ‘sporting manner' to play for their State but yet male players do not.

* Women are excluded from Cricket Australia’s Parental Leave Policy while other female employees who work at CA’s head office receive between four and 12 weeks paid parental leave.

* Women don't have the same rights to injury payments, visitor periods, high performance standards and income protection as the men.

* Women currently don't have access to the Australian Cricketers' Retirement Fund.

* Women do not have the guarantee of a doctor attending their one day WNCL games while one is required to attend all men’s games.

* The minimum wage for females is $40,000 a year for national players, $11,000 for state level and $7000 for Women’s Big Bash League players.


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