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Oprah Shares Footage Of Home After Californian Mudslide

This morning Australia awoke to the news that California had been hit by a powerful mudslide impacting thousands and killing at least 17.

Many people have lost loved ones, and other are unaccounted for, while others, have had severe and major damage to their houses.

TV personality, Oprah has shared videos to her instagram showing the impact the mudslide has had on her own home.

“What a day!” Winfrey wrote on Instagram Tuesday. “Praying for our community again in Santa Barbara.”

In the first post, she revealed that she woke up to a gas fire in her neighborhood and that helicopters were rescuing her neighbors.

A second video showed mud outside her home so deep that it came up almost to her knees.

"The house in the back is gone," Oprah said, who just days ago received the Cecil B Demille Award at the Golden Globes.

While not one life or house is more important than the other, it is important to note that by having someone so well known in a situation like this, brings the tragedy home for those not affected. It also allows firsthand access to those on the out that may not see it otherwise.

The area has been hit by mudslides just a month after wildfires burned through the region.

Rescue crews with dogs and scanners are digging through waist-deep mud in an affluent stretch of southern California's coast, searching for 13 people still missing after mudslides that killed at least 17.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown told reporters that the death toll had risen to 17 after two more bodies were found on Wednesday.

"There are still 13 reported missing persons cases," Brown said.

The mudslides, triggered by a downpour on Tuesday, also destroyed 100 single-family homes, damaged hundreds of other buildings and injured 28 people, said Amber Anderson, a spokeswoman for the Santa Barbara County Fire Department.

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