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NSW Residents Fined For Parking On Their Front Lawn

There are a lot of things that can land a driver with a hefty fine but who knew you could be fined for parking on the grass outside your own home?

One community in NSW surely didn’t and were left completely shocked after receiving fines for nearly $300 in the mail.

Residents in the Central Coast have received fines of $262 for parking on a nature strip, despite the fact that it is impossible to have cars park on both sides of the road, which is only five metres wide.

John from Woy Woy has said that he has parked on the lawn outside his home for over two decades because of the narrow road. But on New Years Day this year he was fined for doing just that.

The same thing happened to John’s neighbour Gaye.

“To me it was really upsetting because I know this community is a lovely, harmonious community,” she said.

“All of a sudden, we don’t trust our police force anymore. So this damage will take a long time to be repaired.”

Police have advised residents to park on the road instead, but after putting it to the test, residents proved that this made it impossible for other cars to drive on the road.

A tape measure revealed that the space left on the road was only 1.8 metres in width.

“In a two-way street it’s only going to block traffic, and worse than that it there’s an emergency situation at the end of the street,” one resident said.

“An emergency vehicle simply would not be able to get through.”

Gosford MP Liesl Tesch spoke out in support for those fined, saying that almost the entire community has banded together to protest the issue.

“These people have been fined for parking on the path or nature strip. There ain’t no path,” she said.

“Some people have been parking like this for 40 years so I’m going in to bat for this community.”

This story appeared on A Current Affair last night and afterwards NSW Police decided to withdraw the infringements.

Source: A Current Affair

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