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'Game Changing' Laws Are Set To Be Introduced In Melbourne

Hundreds of bikie gang members, terror suspects and crime figures will face new gun prohibition laws, which could be introduced shortly.

The crackdown will include unprecedented search and seizure powers and will be introduced into the Victorian Parliament today.

Police Minister Lisa Neville said the new law would make Victorians safer after considerable increases in gun crime and drive-by shootings.

“Last year we had 67 drive-by shootings in Victoria and this year it is already tacking at 47,” she said.

“The legislation contains a number of key features. This is not targeted to our legal registered gun owners, our farmers who use them for pest management or sporting shooters, this is about targeting people who we don’t want to have carrying guns.”

The new legislation has been described by Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton  as a “game changer” for police.

“It is something we have been seeking in terms of community safety these are some of the most significant reforms that we have seen for a long time,” he said.

Changes include prohibition orders which mean certain Victorians can be searched and raided without a warrant.

The Chief Commissioner will issue the orders in the public interest.

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