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It's about time - Myki is getting an upgrade

PT users prepare to rejoice as myki is finally getting the upgrade it desperately needs.

If you've ever used the current ticketing system, I think you'll agree that it is painfully-slow, somewhat complicated and a nightmare to top up in a hurry.

In an effort to speed up the process, Public Transport Victoria have announced the introduction of tap-and-go payment technology on all top-up vending machines across the city.

In addition, selected machines will be getting software and firmware upgrades, with a new user interface and accessibility improvements.

Some stations, like Parliament, are already running the new technology with the upgrades being made progressively throughout 2016.

A trial of faster myki readers is currently in operation on an E-class tram and bus route 684.

A spokesperson for PTV has said, "This is the latest in a series of passenger improvements to the myki system, including faster next-generation gates and readers at some of the busiest stations and stops across the network."

Watch this space as rumour has it, myki could be in store for more changes later this year, when the state government awards a new tender for the $1.6 billion ticketing system. 

Source: The Age, Image: Getty

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