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Most Of Us Don't Know What Healthy Food Is

51% of Aussies don't know what healthy food is as millions of us fall for fad diets to lose weight.

That's according to new research that's also revealed almost 70% of us have gone gluten free without a doctor's advice.

One in three of us have also bought into the "superfoods" craze without knowing the benefits.

On the rise as well are fad diets that are often spruiked by celebrities on social media that involve extreme diet changes.

"Paleo's been kicking around for a while, the Ketogenic diet, reduced protein, reduced fat, reduced carbs. You name it, it's out there," said Sydney GP Dr Sam Gray.

"Unfortunately there are a lot of celebrities, a lot of social media influencers pushing fad diets and there's no science behind them, and I'm really worried it's putting Australia's health at risk."

So what's the best way to go about keeping healthy?

Dr Gray recommends keeping it simple: reducing calorie intake and increasing exercise. 

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