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Millions Of Aussie Families About To Get Cash For Free

Good news for working parents!

The Turnbull Government is about to announce a refreshed childcare package which will supply Family Tax Benefits fortnightly instead of once a year.

These changes are the final part of the Abbott and Turnbull Governments tries at cutting middle class welfare programs by $6billion.

However, the takeout from this is that 1.2 million families around the country will get an extra $20 a fortnight, if they are in Family Tax Benefit A.

The current annual $726 Family Tax Benefit A will be cut, and the savings there will be used for the increase in fornightly payments, including extra spending on childcare.

Families who fall in the low and middle income categories who qualify for Family Tax Benefit A are the big winners here.

The changes will boost the relief for families by $2.5million by 2020.

To find out eligibility information for the Family Tax Benefit, head to the Department of Human Services website

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