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Melbourne's Weather Set To Get Worse Than First Thought

Melbourne’s tropical weather is set to continue with heavy rain expected to drop over the next two days.

The heavy band of rain we received overnight will continue into Tuesday, with parts of the state expecting to get as much as 50mm on Tuesday, which caused the Bureau of Meteorology to issue a severe weather warning.

The rest of the state can expect between 10-30 millimetres of rain in the same period. Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Stephen King said the warm and humid weather is “particularly unusual” for this time of year.

“Today’s showers are just a taste of what is to come tomorrow — we’ll see some thunderstorms as well,” he said.

“It’s been a pretty dry March so far, with only 2mm of rain falling in Melbourne — so we’ll likely get most of March’s rainfall within a day or two.”

Temperatures in Melbourne are still expected to hit 25 degrees today before dropping to 21 on Wednesday, once the rain clears up.

There were only minor power troubles overnight caused by the storm, with 90 homes in Werribee being left powerless. However, these issues are expected to be rectified by 7:30 AM.

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