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Melbourne's Weather Is About To Really Annoy You

This is by far the worst start to spring we have ever received in Melbourne. Probably not on record but in my personal experience.

We have barely seen temperatures rise above 15 degrees and the mountains seem to be getting more snow than ever, with the Dandenongs even getting some overnight!

And it’s not going to get any better!

Senior forecast Scott Williams has told the Herald Sun that the spell will be  “fairly prolonged”. “Unfortunately it is back to winter for southern Victoria, and Melbourne,” he said.

If you are heading to the footy tomorrow at the MCG, you are being advised to bring a poncho and put on heaps of layers.

The match will be played in temperatures of about 12 degrees, and it will be raining.

The weekend isn’t looking much better with showers on Saturday before a sunny day on Sunday, with a top of 17.

Rug up!

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