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Melbourne's Latest Home Invasion Is Truly Terrifying

Police are appealing for public assistance after a family returning home from church were confronted by a knife-wielding burglar.

A Kensington family retuned to their home in Howlett Street at 6PM on Saturday when they were confronted by two offenders in their home.

A struggle then ensued between the family members and the offenders.

A female victim was holding onto the legs of one of the male offenders when he produced a knife and threatened her.

A male victim tried to intervene, before being punched twice in the face, resulting in injury. The offenders then ran out of the house heading towards Sims Square while the family called for help and for police assistance.

A passer-by heard the noise made by the family and followed the offenders nto Gregory Lane, across to Smorgan Square, then to Greenham Place.

At this point , he offender produced a knife and threatened the passer-by, who continued to follow the offender from a distance to Musgrove Mews and into McAllister Mews.

The first offender is described as male, between 40-50 years old, around 170-180cm tall with a slim build, chiselled cheek bones, olive caucasian skin with wavy grey/black hair and busy eyebrows. He was wearing faded black pants and a pin stripped grey cap.

The second male is described as caucasian, between 16-20 years old with a solid build, dark hair, clean shaven and wearing a black jacket and plain grey top.

Anyone with information in relation to this incident is asked to contact Detective Senior Constable David Hughson at North Melbourne Police on 83790886.

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