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Melbourne Woman Tells of Horror as Ride Harness Comes Undone

18-year-old, Allie Calleja has recalled the terrifying moment her safety harness came undone while on a ride at the Melbourne Show, on Sunday.

Speaking to 3AW she said how she feared for her life after getting on the ride with her boyfriend. 

“I was two storeys in the air and the ride was spinning and I fell forward into the harness as the harness released,” the self-described thrill-seeker said. 

“The moment I fell forward, I was facing the floor,” Ms Calleja said.


“I thought I was going to die.”

Ms Calleja’s quick-thinking boyfriend quickly grabbed the 30cm bar that secured her harness and held her in while the ride came to an emergency stop. 

The 18-year-old has called for the ride to be reviewed before ‘something horrific happens,’ she wrote on the Royal Melbourne Show Facebook page. 

Adding that she claims staff didn't notice her harness had come undone and were unsure why the ride had come to a stop. 

The SkyWalker ride was shut down on Monday to allow for a WorkSafe Victoria and engineer inspection.

The ride has since been deemed safe following many complaints on the Facebook page, however, the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria said the ride would remain closed for the rest of the show 'in the interests of customer comfort and confidence'

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