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Melbourne Woman Robbed At KNIFEPOINT

A masked burgler armed with a knife has tied up and robbed a mother while her toddler looked on, in broad daylight.

The woman told the Herald Sun that a man posed as a postman before forcing entry into her Glenroy home just before 9AM on Thursday morning.

She said ‘’He was banging on my front door saying he had a delivery but I wasn’t expecting anything,”

“When I opened the door he forced it open and pushed me and my baby to the ground.” The woman said the intruder was wearing a mask and armed with a knife and continually demanded cash.

“I told him please don’t hurt my baby, I’ll get money for you but please don’t hurt my baby,” the Glenroy resident said.

“He just kept screaming ‘get me the cash, get me the money and I won’t hurt you’.

The woman said she tried to remain calm while protecting her one and a half year old son, saying ‘’I picked up my son and went upstairs, the man followed and made sure there was no one else in the house.’’

The man then went on to steal $700 in cash and the woman had to wait 5 minutes for him to leave.

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