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Melbourne Teenager Described Brutal Attack She Suffered

A Melbourne woman who was the victim of a brutal and violent attack has said she is disgusted by “how low people have become”.

Joanna Christodoulou was driving around Bentleigh East when she found herself being followed by a black car.

When she stopped at a red light at an intersection she ‘’ turned my head the car was very close to mine and the suspected male with black hair holding a weapon (hammer/crowbar) decided to smash the drivers window which caused the window to explode,” she wrote of the ordeal on Facebook.


“I suffered a cut to the head and 4 abrasions in my right eye due to the glass. I have blurry vision and traumatic stress.

“The reason for posting this is the make sure everyone is aware of the dangers these people are capable of inflicting. It disgusts me to know how low people have become.”


The horrific story has hit Facebook on the day Victoria released it’s crime stats and it’s not good news.

Between June 2015 and 16 there were 585,726 recorded crimes committed by 82,000 people.

Mr Crisp said drugs were a major driver for crime and ice was still a rampant problem. Opposition Leader Matthew Guy said Victoria was suffering from a “crime tsunami”, with more murders in the state than NSW and Queensland.

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