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Melbourne Supermarket Stormed By 20 Teenagers In Attack

A group of young teenagers have stormed a Cranbourne supermarket, stealing stock and intimidating staff.

Mother Alicia Filcher told 3AW that she was shopping with her children , aged six, two and three-weeks old, about 5.30pm Saturday at the Spring Hill shopping centre Coles, when the gang stampeded through the store.

“All of a sudden this large crowd of basically teenagers just started crashing their way through the registers with arms full of stock,” Alicia said.

“They started to get a little bit aggressive and a little bit abusive to staff and a couple of customers who tried to stop them.

“I was terrified.”

Alicia said there were up to 20 teenagers involved, with some being as young 11 years old. The police have not commented on the situation.

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