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Melbourne Restaurants And Stores Have Been Caught Up In Scam

Fast Food outlets like Hungry Jacks and McDonald's have been caught up in a spate of fraud that involves stolen pre-paid credit cards.

The Herald Sun is reporting that teenagers have been using the Australia Post Visa cards to steal hamburgers, chips, drinks and other items.

Australia Post has confirmed to the newspaper that due to an unexpected software glitch that affects food outlet payment terminals, payments could be processed without a cent being paid.

It is understood that McDonald's, Hungry Jack’s and Krispy Kreme stores have been hit by the fraudsters who have used the stolen cards without putting money on them.

All Load & Go cards have now been withdrawn from sale at Australia Post until an investigation is finalised.

The cards cost $6.95 to buy, and an initial deposit of $20 to work but fraudsters have been able to use the stolen cards through a small “window of opportunity” that has now been closed.

Australia Post has said they are working with the bank, card scheme, card issuer and the impacted merchants to investigate and resolve the issue,” she said.

Nobody who has bought the prepaid cards has been impacted as ‘’this issue was the result of a unique set of technical circumstances on the impacted merchant prepaid cards and payment terminals that are not easily replicated.

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