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Melbourne Man Killed Following A Hit And Run

A father-of-two has been mowed down by a car in a suspected domestic dispute, and his partner is charged with his murder.

Richie Powell, 32, was walking along a Sunbury Road, in north-west Melbourne, when he was struck down in an alleged hit-and-run on Sunday morning.

His partner Jess Lee Donker, 29 allegedly fled from the scene and has now been charged with one count of murder.

She will appear at the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Monday.

The charge was given after emergency services were called to the scene at about 6:15 am on Sunday following reports a man had been hit by a vehicle in the car park.

The car used in the attack was found with a smashed windscreen and damage to the front bumper at a relative's home in a nearby street.

Witnesses said they watched the attack unfold on Stewarts Lane as Mr Powell tried to hide from the car.

'[She] tried to run him over, probably five, six times,' a witness alleged.

'And then, finally she got him with that, she hit a pole; he was behind a pole... And she got him.

'She stopped the car to have a look. And she started screaming and then she went back to the car, spun up the road.'

Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Nick Densley believed a 'number of events' might have led up to the incident between the couple.

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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