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Melbourne Man Faces Court Over Drastic Action After Break-Up

A man who wanted to keep tabs on his former partner put a GPS tracker on her new boyfriend ute in a ‘moment of madness’, a court has heard.

But his sneaky plan came unhinged because the device emitted a bright red light, that was seen by the new man.

Stuart Ridley pleaded guilty to using an unauthorised surveillance device at Frankston Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

The 42-year-old from Frankston, who had been in a long-term relationship with the woman before they broke up in March 2017, was left devastated by the break-up.

The pair continued to share a home until November 2017 when she moved to a nearby address, and on Christmas Day, Ridley snapped and went to her new house.

When he saw the boyfriend’s ute outside, this is when he stuck the GPS tracker underneath.

Later that day, when the ute was stationary, the boyfriend noticed a sporadic flashing red light coming from underneath the vehicle.

When investigating, the couple found a device, which had been transmitting their location back to Ridley.

In court his defence lawyer said installing the device was a “moment of madness” as a result of him not handling the end of the relationship very well.

He was fined $1200, with no conviction recorded.

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