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CONFIRMED: That Was Our Coldest Melbourne Weekend EVER!

It's really cold isn't it?

Melbourne saw it's coldest morning of the year on Sunday, with temperatures in the CBD getting as low as 3.3 degrees and the city's North-East saw it dip below 0.

The mercury couldn't get above minus 1.5 degrees in Coldstream in the Yarra Ranges at 6:30am, while the temperature was hovering at zero in Viewbank.

The Bureau of Meteorology reported during the day on Sunday, that Shepperaton, with a top of 8 degrees had reported it's lowest June maximum temperature, as did Yarrawonga, with 7.7 degrees and Kilmore only got to 4.6 degrees.

The Bureau of Meteorology reported that during the day on Sunday, Shepparton, with 8 degrees reported its coldest June maximum temperature on record, as did Yarrawonga, with 7.7 degrees, and Kilmore with 4.6 degrees. 

Melbourne reached a top of 11.1 degrees, which is well below our June average of 14.1 degrees. The overnight low of 3.3 degrees, was the coldest night since July last year and is also far below the June average of 6.9 degrees.

The mercury isn't likely to rise much more on Monday and rain is set to arrive, our high will be 12 degrees.

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