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Melbourne Father Fights Back Against Gun Wielding Thugs

A father of six was adamant about protecting his household when three gunmen broke into his home in the early hours of Monday morning.

Glenn Raven confronted the three thugs after they kicked down the door to his home in Clyde North and did not falter as one of the thieves pointed a gun at his chest.

Mr Raven spoke about the ordeal with 9NEWs.

"I asked them why are you here, and they said, 'we are here to take your stuff," he said.

"And I said you're not taking me stuff and you're not going to shoot me with that gun, so f*ck off."

Catherine Raven, Mr Raven's wife, was also home during the incident and she called police while her husband stood up to the intruders.

Mr Raven attempted to grab hold of one of the men but he was slashed with a knife in the stomach and punched in the head during the process.

"Could have been worse, could have been a lot worse," Mr Raven said.

"It was rather scary, but I guess we live to tell the tale."

The three offenders are still on the run and are being described as European and African in appearance.

A recent report by RACV has revealed that Clyde North is a common target for burglaries.

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