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Melbourne Bomb Scare Prank Sparks Outrage Across Australia

Three Melbourne brothers are under fire for dressing up in traditional Arabian clothing and throwing 'bombs' at random members of the public before running. 

The brothers claim to be an entertainment group called the 'Jalals'. 

Max Jalal, Arman Jalal and Rebeen Jalal create prank videos and post them online. 

The 'public bomb scare prank' has been viewed on Facebook over 2.4 million times. 

In one scenario, a man can be seen wearing the traditional thawb garment and walking up to what appears to be a random person sitting on the sidewalk looking into the distance. The prankster then throws a bag into the hands of the bystander wearing a construction shift who then runs for his life before launching into the water. 

In the second scenario, a member of the public shooting hoops on a basketball court and bolts into the opposite direction after one of the pranksters throws a bag at him, causing him to trip in the playground. 

The final part of the video (below) shows them throwing a 'bomb' bag at a driver who is stopped at traffic lights. The driver beeps his horn and leaps out of the car in a hurry. 

It is not yet known if the victims were actors or if the situations were real. 

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Posted by Jalals on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Source: 7NEWS

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