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Manly West Fatal Crash Survivor Robbed In Hospital

Pictured: Karin Tritton, 51, and Makayla Tritton, 18

A man will face court today over the theft of two mobile phones from the bedside of a crash survivor that contained precious memories of a family's last days together.

Laurie Tritton, 55, and his older daughter Tarmeka, 23, were involved in a car accident that killed Laurie's wife Karin, 51, and their younger daughter Makayla, 18 on Christmas Day.

While in a stable condition in hospital, a 51-year-old fellow patient allegedly snuck into Mr Tritton's room and took a mobile phone that belonged to him and that of his wife.

Police have allegedly accused the man of stealing a second wallet of another patient before leaving the hospital for a shopping spree nearby.

According to the Courier Mail, the man has been charged with three counts of stealing, three counts of fraud, one count of possession of a dangerous drug, one count of possessing a drug utensil, one count of unlawful possession of suspected stolen property and one count of entering a premises.

Thankfully, the phones have been returned to Mr Tritton.

The man who was driving the out-of-control BMW, Mark Veneris, 46, has been charged with one count each of dangerous operation of a vehicle causing death and dangerous operation of a vehicle causing grievous bodily harm.

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