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Man Forgets Where He Parked Car, Finds It SIX MONTHS Later

There was a movie about a dude who couldn’t find it and Seinfeld did a whole episode on it. 

You know that panic when you can't remember exactly where you parked your car? Times that by about a million.

Back in June, some guy, who didn’t want to be named, had borrowed his mate’s BMW and drove from Scotland to Manchester to catch a Stone Roses concert.

He parked it in a multi-storey car park... annnnnd promptly forgot which one. 

After the concert, he spent the rest of the night searching…and ultimately spent the following five DAYS trying to find his friend’s car.

In the following weeks, the owner emailed local companies and council see if it had been found or removed, but finally reported the vehicle lost (or stolen) in August.

Now officers say they stumbled across the apparently abandoned car about midnight on Friday and, after seeing it had been reported, contacted the owner with the good news.

That good news could be short-lived as the officers predicted the bill could be around £5,000, which roughly equates to $A8500.

Manchester Evening News

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