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Man Dies Following Victorian Prison Assault

A gangland figure has died after allegedly launching a brutal attack on two prison guards.

Violent standover man Hizir Ferman died yesterday afternoon after he allegedly bashed two prison officers at Loddon Prison, near Castlemaine.

One of the staff last night remained in hospital after suffering head and facial injuries in the onslaught.

The other victim has been discharged from hospital after treatment for this injuries.

Reports say that after bashing the guards, Ferman barricaded himself in his unit at the jail’s Middleton section.

Guards forcibly removed him to an assessment centre, where he collapsed and died.

Corrections Victoria spokesman Michael Gleeson said ‘’“Following an earlier incident where two staff members were injured, the prisoner refused to leave his room and was subsequently removed,”

“Shortly after the prisoner collapsed, with medical attention immediately provided.

“Police attended the site and are investigating. As with all deaths in custody, the matter will be referred to the Coroner, who will formally determine the cause of death.”

The prison is now out of lockdown.

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