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Lawyer Launches Website To Help You GET OFF Myki Fines

Passengers who have been stung by unfair Myki fines, now have a new way to get help.

A new click-through, question-and-answer website has launched today to help fined passenger gain control over their case and whether they can dispute the fine handed to them.

The website suggests defences can include if the passenger was sick or if a Myki machine was faulty.

The website creators are Young Liberty For Law Reform say they can expect up to $44 million worth of fines to be challenged through the site; mykifines.

The group decided to create the website after working with Julian Burnside QC's Myki Flying Squad, who have been handing out free help to customers who were unfairly fined.

Last year more than 250,000 fines were handed out to Victorian commuters which totalled $44 million.

Customers are now given two options when fined, they can pay on the spot and be charged $75 or challenge the fine and if they fail the fine increases to $223.

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