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Kochie Fired Up At Scott Morrison Over 60 Minutes Release

Treasurer Scott Morrison appeared on Sunrise this morning, being interviewed by host David Koch.

Afer news broke that the 60 Minutes crew had been released from a Lebanese jail after the botched child abduction attempt. it was revealed that Channel 9 reportedly paid a multi-million dollar deal to secure them.

Kochie pressed Morrison on the issue of whether the Government - or specifically the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) - would be investigating Nine if a "bribe" had been paid.

See the full video here.

Kochie insisted that as Nine is a publicly listed company, ASIC should investigate.

“You are making a lot of assumptions, I am not going to do that this morning,” Morrison fired back. “I think what we are pleased about is Miss Faulkner (the children’s mother) is coming home as are other Australians coming home,” he said.

Things continued to get heated between the two:

“I am not going to respond to hypotheticals,” Morrison said.

“You are asking me to speculate on a set of facts that would have to be determined.

“I am not going to try this case on morning television,” he added.

Responded Koch: “I am not asking you to.”

To which Morrison replied: “I think you are.”

Kochie and the Sunrise team, on rival network Channel Seven, have taken an interest in the story, but people on social media are claiming that they're displaying incredible bias.


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