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Jury Still Deliberating On Bourke Street Murder Trial

After being given a night to think and reflect, a Melbourne jury will continue discussions on whether Bourke Street murder-accused James "Dimitrious" Gargasoulas is mentally fit to stand trial.

The 28-year-old is accused of running down pedestrians in the city in January 2017, killing six people, including two children.

He is facing an investigative Supreme Court hearing to decide if he is fit to face trial on six counts of murder and 28 of attempted murder.

A jury of 12 will on Wednesday continue trying to reach a unanimous decision after telling Justice Lex Lasry they were torn.

"Experience has shown that juries, given more time to discuss, can reach a verdict," Justice Lasry said.

The judge urged the jurors to listen to others as their views may shift, but he can discharge them without a verdict if they can't agree.

The defence argues Gargasoulas is "profoundly psychotic", believing he is the "Messiah" sent to save the world from a comet, and should not stand trial.

But prosecutors say he should stand trial, arguing he understands his case and the trial process.

Medical experts in the case have been divided over the question of Gargasoulas' fitness.

Two psychiatrists believe he is unfit for trial but one psychologist disagrees.


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