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Jetstar Is About To Make A Change That New Parents Will HATE

Jetstar has brought in a new charge for parents who are travelling domestically with babies on their lap.

Families who have children under two, who do not need a seat, who will now have to $30 each way on a domestic flight and $50 for international flights.

It had previously been free to bring under-twos on domestic flights between Australia and New Zealand and any domestic flights. For international flights, it has always been $40.

Virgin and Qantas do not currently charge for babies to travel on domestic flights but there is a change of 10% of the full fare on international flights.

Air New Zealand also has the same charge for babies, while Air Asia charges $50, Singapore Airlines $51 and TigerAir costs $75.

“The infant fee for domestic flights brings us in line with the other low-cost carrier in Australia, which has had an infant fee since 2009,” a Jetstar spokesperson told

“Families travelling with infants on Jetstar can bring up to four oversized items for their holiday as part of the infant fee including a pram, stroller, portable cot and highchair.

“These items are often oversized so cannot be handled like standard baggage. Like other oversized items, there is additional manual handling and equipment required for oversized infant items like prams.

“We know that fees and charges can be unpopular, but giving customers’ choice and charging each customer for what they need helps us to offer the lowest possible fares, every day.”

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