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Jesinta Campbell Thanks Adam Goodes For Bravery On Today Show

Jesinta Campbell has thanked Sydney Swan Adam Goodes for standing up against racial bullying, because in doing so he is creating a better future for not only her children but all indigenous children, she says.

The model, who is engaged to Goodes' teammate Buddy Franklin, also an indigenous player, says she believes the booing of Adam Goodes is racially motivated, labelling it a form of bullying.

Speaking emotionally on the Nine Network's Today Show on Friday, Campbell explained that the issue was a particularly personal one for her as it was likely to affect her own family. And she expressed her gratitude to Goodes for his bravery.

"Now I have to personally thank Adam Goodes because my future children are going to be indigenous.

"And because of his courage and his passion he is creating a better future for not only my children but all indigenous children and so for that I have to say Adam you are a champion on the field, off the field and I will stand by you," she said.

She also pleaded for the booing to stop.

"Booing is a public form of bullying and Adam has come out and said that it is affecting him, so everyone needs to stop. If you continue to boo him you are bullying him.

"Its affecting his welfare, its affecting his family and his friends and it needs to stop."

Campbell, who became engaged to Franklin in December, then made it clear what she thought was motivating the people who boo Goodes.

"Is it racist? Yes I think it is, and anyone who has never experienced racial vilification, racism is just a word to them. But for people who have experienced it, racism is a feeling and it is a horrible feeling from what I have seen," she said.

Her comments were met with a round of applause from the presenters on the Today Show including Richard Wilkins.


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