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Jelena Dokic Reveals Beatings, Abuse From Her Father Damir

Retired tennis star Jelena Dokic has revealed she nearly killed herself when 'her father's horrific abuse spiralled out of control' and claims that tennis officials knew all about her 'difficult family situation'

The 34-year-old said the abuse she received behind closed doors and the antics of her father Damir on the sidelines 'kind of ruined her career.'

Following the release of her autobiography Unbreakable, Tennis Australia released a statement which spoke to the fact concerns were made about Dokic's welfare during her playing days, but a 'lack of cooperation' meant any investigation was ever possible.

'All of us at Tennis Australia applaud Jelena's courage in telling her story and will continue to support her in any way we can,'

'There were many in tennis at the time who were concerned for Jelena's welfare, and many who tried to assist with what was a difficult family situation.'

'Some officials even went as far as lodging police complaints, which without cooperation from those directly involved, unfortunately could not be fully investigated.'

'Over the past ten years tennis has been constantly improving and updating policies to increase protection for children.'

'Tennis Australia is working closely with the Australian Childhood Foundation to strengthen the safeguarding of children across the sport.'

In her book Jelena claims her father started acting violently towards her when she was six and 'spiralled out of control.'

Dokic alleges she was whipped by Damir with a leather belt multiple times and had her shins kicked, often leaving her bruised and bloodied.

He would also hurl verbal abuse at her, labeling her a 'slut' and a 'whore' when she was still just a young teenager.

She also spoken of the time she received her 'worst' beating when she lost at the du Maurier Open in Canada in 2000.

'It was a really nasty memory that will stay with me forever… I ended up fainting,' she said.

'He beat me really badly.'

Damir was constantly in the news during her playing days, with multiple run-in's with officials and security at various tennis venues, including being ejected from Wimbeldon in 2000 after smashing a journalist's phone.

In 2009 he was jailed for 15 months for threatening the Australian ambassador in Serbia with a hand grenade.

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