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Melbourne named armed robbery and unlawful entry capital

Melbourne may have it's coffee, culture and more reasonably priced property, but is has beaten Sydney to be knighted the armed robbery and unlawful entry capital of Australia. 

The 2016 Australian Bureau of Statistics victims of crime survey has been released and shows that Victoria had 8,300 more cases of unlawful entry with intent than in six years ago.  

Comparatively statistics are falling in Sydney, with crime rates in 2016 standing at 41,200 compared to 59,700. 

Broken down, Victoria suffered 1,900 armed robberies, up from 1,400. NSW had 1070, down from 2150.

In 2016 Victoria had 869 victims of unlawful entry per 100,000 residents. NSW had 533.

Last year Victoria had 32 victims of armed robbery per 100,000 residents, up from 26. NSW had 14, down from 30.

Armed robberies have fallen 12% across the country since the start of the decade, but have shot up 34% in Victoria. Unlawful entry has fallen 9% across Australia, while soaring 19% in Victoria.

Car thefts in Victoria have skyrocketed from 55% from 12,270 to 19,020. 

Reported sexual assaults jumped from 18,860 to 23,050 nationwide, a rise of 22%. However reported sexual assaults in Victoria rose from 3630 to 5380, a worrying rise of 48%.

Although there is some solace in the fact that Victoria is actually the better at investigating crime than any other state in Australia. Investigations into around 42% of Victoria's homicides were finalised within 30 days compared to 29% nationwide. Whereas investigations into 65% of sexual assaults were finalised quicker than the to 37% nationally. 

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