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It Has Been Confirmed How Many Aussies Were In London Attack

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has revealed that four Australians were caught up in Saturday’s terror attack in London.

The PM went on to say they have ‘very real concerns’ about to of the victims, who are still in a hospital.

Twelve people have now been arrested as part of a widening terrorism investigation after three attackers used a van and large knives to turn a balmy London evening into a bloodbath with seven dead and scores injured.

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for Saturday night's attack on London Bridge and the nearby Borough Market, marking the third terrorist attack in the UK in three months and the second in two weeks.

Four Australians were caught up in the attack, including Brisbane woman Candice Hedge, 34, who is recovering in hospital after her throat was slashed.

British Prime Minister Theresa May says Britain must now toughen up on stamping out Islamist extremism and has proposed regulating cyberspace, adding that Britain has been far too tolerant of extremism.

"It is time to say, enough is enough," May said.

With the UK national elections due on June 8, the country's major political parties temporarily suspended campaigning but May says the vote will take place as scheduled because "violence can never be allowed to disrupt the democratic process."

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