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Iconic Melbourne Restaurant Closed Down Following Breaches

The iconic all-you-can-eat Food Star Knox City restaurant, which has been sitting on prime real estate opposite Knox City for so many years has closed after being convicted and fined $60,000 for breaches of the Food Act.

The breaches include not keeping the restaurant clean, staff failing to wash their hands after coughing or sneezing, and not taking proper measures to stop pests in the restaurant. There were also breaches with regards to protecting food against contamination and food storage.

The Director of the restaurant, Xi Kai Liu, was also fined $25,000 at a hearing in the Dandenong Magistrates Court, after being convicted of close to 50 breaches of the act.

The Knox City Council has publicly named the restaurant on their convictions register website.

There is currently the following sign on the front door of the restaurant:

To our loyal patrons,
Apologies for any inconvenience caused. We will be reopening at a later date due to renovations.
-Food Star Knox City

There have already been movements to sell the prominent real estate which sits along Burwood Highway.

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