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Hungry Jacks Make Huge Change To Their Menu And It's Awesome

Fast food chain Hungry Jacks has announced it has transitioned to 100 per cent cage-free eggs on its menu, 16 months ahead of its plan.

The chain had initially made a pledge to phase out cage eggs by the end of 2017 but after working with its supply chain, it has been found they can handle the transition sooner rather than later.

"Cage-free eggs are something our customers continued to highlight as very important to them so we worked closely with our supply chain to ensure we could convert sustainably," said Hungry Jack's chief marketing officer Scott Baird.

The announcement follows a campaign by animal rights groups against battery cage cruelty. McDonalds have also announced they will make sure the 91 million eggs they use a year will be cage-free by the end of 2017.

From Tuesday, all Breakky Muffins, Breakky Wraps and Aussie Burger's will use Australian sourced, cage-free, barn-laid eggs.

The fast food chain estimates that is used 11 million eggs a year.

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