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How Australia Post Has Been Ripping Off Aussies For 30 Years

A lot has happened in 30 years… 

But it seems Australia Post is quite literally living in the past.

The postal service hasn’t changed its lost delivery compensation for 30 years. 30 YEARS!!!

The maximum amount you can claim back from Australia Post for a lost or damaged parcel is $50.

$50!!! How ridiculous is that?! $50 doesn’t get you much at all these days. And lets face it, $50 in 1987 is not worth $50 in today’s economy.

In 2010, the Postal Industry Ombudsman raised the issue in a report and admitted that the low level of compensation was a regular complaint they received.

No surprises there!

Apparently they conducted a formal review but lo and behold, nothing ever came of it. 

“We consider that the steadily declining real compensation rate is worthy of note and will tend to steer customers towards the more expensive registered service,” the Ombudsman wrote.

“This has implications particularly for residents of regional and rural Australia, who have only limited access to competitors’ services. If this is deliberate Australia Post policy, then it may be a matter worthy of public debate.”

And to make matters worse, each post office is franchised and there is no binding body to regulate each independent office.

So basically, your post office could literally steal all of your mail and there’s nothing you could do about it. Not a single thing. Oh, except apply for $50 compensation.

Case in point - one customer whose parcel was lost got this response from Australia Post:

“As Signature on Delivery and Extra Cover have not been purchased in this case, there is limited tracking capability on your item.

“Next time you are sending a valuable or important parcel, I recommend that you opt for Extra Cover.”

In other words… Too bad!


And the ombudsman’s reason for not upping the compensation value:

“Australia Post has no way of knowing the value of items that people may be sending.”

And… wait for it:

“Loss and damage may not be Australia Post’s fault.”

Well whose fault is it then?

And if that hasn’t made your skin boil enough already, last week Australia Post came under fire after it was revealed that CEO Ahmed Fahour is paid a whopping $5.6 million package annually. 

Maybe he can spare a few dollars for those whose mail has been ‘lost.’


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