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Hayfever Sufferers, We Have Some Bad News

It's that time of year again. 

The all too familiar coughing, spluttering and sneezing reminding us that pollen is in the air. 

Just a few weeks into Spring and one thing is apparent - this year is worse than most. 

And the facts back that theory. 

A "double whammy" of the flu season extending longer than normal, overlapping with an early start to the hayfever season is causing headaches (perhaps even literally). 

What's worse? The peak of the hayfever season is still weeks away. 

Asthma Australia Chief Executive Michele Goldman said that thousands of people have been hit by the "double whammy" of influenza and hay fever. 

“If both (flu) virus and pollens­ are a problem for you than this is going to be a pretty miserable time of the year, especially­ with the extension of the flu season,” Ms Goldman told

Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia President Maria Said reiterated the warning to those suffering. 

“There are still people coming­ down with the flu and there are people who have got terrible hay fever — especially with the wind we’ve had in recent weeks their hay fever is just out of control,” Ms Said said.

“You are thinking through a fog — it does affect your quality of life, your sleep, you don’t feel like socialising, you feel pretty awful and are constantly blowing your nose to clear your head."

Meanwhile, the pollen count is predicted to rise as Spring comes into full force. 

People are warned to keep medications and puffers nearby and avoid activities that will aggravate the condition. 

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