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Victoria Police Have Recovered 600 Items Of Stolen Jewellery

Almost 600 pieces of stolen jewellery have been recovered by Victoria Police during the raid of a gold buying store in Melbourne last month.

It is alleged that the store had received around a quarter-of-a-million dollars in stolen goods after robberies on homes and businesses. However, police believe most of the items are of sentimental value.

The jewels were to be melted down but luckily police raided the business just before this could happen. Three Colombian men were charged in relation to the matter.

Police are now trying to return the stolen jewellery including rings, necklaces and other items to their rightful owners and are using social media to do it.

Victoria Police have uploaded almost 400 images to their Facebook page with the hopes that the owners of the items will see them and come forward to collect them.

"If they [the owners] were to call up the contact number that's located on Facebook, contact us directly, quote that reference number and we'll obviously make inquiries as to the legitimacy and hopefully get that item back to them," said Detective Sergeant Ashley Penry.

If you have had jewellery stolen from you recently, check out the Victoria Police Facebook page to see if your items were among those recovered.

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