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Harvey Weinstein Sues Own Company For Access To Information

Harvey Weinstein, the founder and former co-chairman of the Weinstein Co, is suing his own film company in order to access information that he believes will defend his case against multiple sexual assault allegations.

The lawsuit has been filed in the Court of Chancery in Delaware and Weinstein has said that gaining access to the information is imperative in saving his company from being harmed by unjustified legal settlements.

Weinstein has also claimed in the lawsuit that he wants to investigate if any confidential information had been leaked from within the company and whether the board and executives had wrongly fired him from his position as chief executive.

The Weinstein Co was launched by Harvey and his brother in October 2005 and has been anĀ  influential force in producing some of the businesses biggest films.

This comes as multiple actresses have come forward claiming that Weinstein has sexually harassed or assaulted them. Weinstein has denied having ever had non-consensual sex with anyone.

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