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Graphic Details About Sydney Siege Gunman's Death Revealed

Warning, this article contains graphic content which some readers may find distressing

As the Sydney Siege inquest continues, more and more disturbing details of what happened during Man Haron Monis' reign of terror are emerging.

The inquest is going into graphic detail about what exactly happened before and after police stormed the Lindt cafe at Martin Place on December 16, 2014.

After they siege was brought to an end, a two day post mortem was carried out on the gunman's body which revealed he had been struck with several bullets, in the head, left chest and left underarm.

Ballistics expert Lucas van der Walt said his head probably burst “like a balloon” when he was shot and killed.

“When a bullet hits a head the temporary wound cavity is massive,” Mr van der Walt said.

“The fluids in the skull expand and because it’s encased by the skull, the skull bursts basically like a balloon.”

The inquest continues.

Source The Australian 

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