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Government Could Pick Up Unclaimed $55m Lotto Win

The largest unclaimed prize in Australia’s history could go straight to the government, a possibility which has outraged lotto players.

The $55 million winner has still not come forward, leaving the jaw-dropping prize sitting idle since January 11.

In Victoria, where the ticket was bought, players have six months to claim lottery prizes.

If that time lapses, the winnings go to the State Revenue Office.

Thing is, while the ticket holder can come forward and claim the money from the SRO at any date, the money could, in the meantime, be used for general government purposes.

And that’s exactly what’s caused social media users to pick up their pitchforks:

“Why does it go to the government? That money could help out so many families in need. Give it to the relevant charities.”

“How about using it to provide housing and food etc etc to those that desperately need it?”

“What?? Give it to our hospitals or schools”

Others have called for a redraw.

State by state

Tasmania and the Northern Territory follow the same rules as Victoria, while New South Wales and Queensland governments keep the winnings if they have not been claimed within six years and seven years respectively.

Similarly, lotto players in the ACT also have six months, after that an application needs to be lodged to the Gambling and Racing Commission.

South Australians have a year to collect lottery prizes, after which time there is a government process to claim.

In Western Australia winnings not claimed within one year go directly to the community through grants.

Daily Mail

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